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The IOTA® brand is the industry standard for production of high quality fused quartz.
Only the best of this unique ore is advanced to the production stage.
We operate the world's largest quartz research and development organization.
Investment in manufacturing flexibility underscores our commitment to reliable worldwide supply.
For product designers and production engineers IOTA remains the highest purity solution.

IOTA® high purity quartz sands are the raw material of choice for the production of fused quartz crucibles, semiconductor quartz ware and quartz lighting products. With a history that can be traced back to the earliest crucibles, IOTA® quartz has been part of every technological advance in the fused quartz industry.

Unimin Corporation is the world's leading high purity quartz producer. We are fully integrated to ensure complete control over the quality and integrity of IOTA® products from the mine to the customer. From two unique ore bodies we produce a complete portfolio of IOTA® quartz grades and custom products to meet specific customer's requirements.

For the best results, insist on IOTASM.